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Hmmmm, good questions! I think if you are going to "go out there" with some of your attempts at out reach, you should simply be prepared ahead of time to answer concerns. Not that you can know what every comment will be, but there are a few that you can expect to hear. Don't know if this helps or not, but I do know one thing, the Holy Spirit will never lead you astray. Keep your ears and hearts open to the leading of God, and jump in with both feet!

Joanne McGarry

I personally like edgy. I was "unchurched" and came to Abundant Life because I could relate. Pushing boundaries is not only what artists do, or rebels and outcasts do but it was what Jesus did. He was shocking. And the "churched" despised him for it.

Justin Powell

Hey Dave...good questions. I think that there is a difference between being provocative for the sake of being clever, and being provocative in order to be prophetic. If we look at the things that are in the bible we see prophets who burned poop on the alter, married prostitutes, ate bugs, poured water on the alter that he was supposed to be starting...I personally think that the 'Grow a Pair' thing is a little crass. It doesn't do it for me...and I think the photoshopped tattoo on the guy's back is lame. (my opinion)

I completely agree with Joanne's comment about Jesus' shocking behavior rubbing the religious the wrong way. But I don't think he was just doing it for fun or saying what he did to get people's attention. Because of who Jesus was (a person seeking/connected with/living like God he already had their attention. The provocation of Jesus was to move them in a direction...not just to get their attention.

Good questions though...I'd love to hear your thoughts...


I agree with Justin's post.

In addition....
My first thought is “Really? Eww… That’s kind of crude” maybe cause I’m a girl - ha… I get what the series is trying to promote but is that the direction our church really wants to go? Church should be a place of worship and teaching… pretty sure crude humor shouldn’t be a part of it. Yes, I think it would attract some un-churched individuals but I also think it could give the wrong impression.

I think this series and other's like it are crass and not how we should represent ourselves. I know we're a "cool church" but I don't think being crass is cool.

My husband and I came to ALCC about 10 yrs ago thru a couple post cards that were mailed out to advertise the church... they were clever... wish I would have kept them... I remember one of them being a humorous take on the top 10 reasons we don't attend church… It was so funny but not offending.
That kind of approach was clever & convicting... not crass. It got us in the door… and we’re still here!

Our church is great… great staff… great pastor… great people… we don’t need to try and be cooler than we already are! ;)

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